The Flamingos Schülerteam beat the Eagles 11 to 1 in Mahlow

The Flamingos Schüler Team traveled to Mahlow on the 11th of June to play the Eagles. Only ten players were able to make the trip including Celina Hajduk who was there to support her team despite battling an illness. Celina still wasn’t feeling better as the game went on and our T-Baller, Felix Ortiz, played the complete game.

Cedric Clicqué, the leadoff batter and starting third baseman for the visiting Flamingos, was hit by the first pitch of the game. Cedric was nearly thrown out at second as John Luis Márquez-Ramirez hit an infield grounder. But due to an error by the second baseman and good hustle by Cedric he arrived safely on the bag. With Erik Ortiz at the plate, Cedric and John Luis moved to second and third on a wild pitch. Erik then drove them in with a line drive base hit to right center. Erik moved around the bases and scored on wild pitches and passed balls. The Eagles got their first out with a strike out before Felix Otten got on base with a walk. He stole second and was giving the catcher and third baseman fits as the catcher had to throw to third several times to hold Felix at second. Eventually, they did catch Felix stealing third. A strike out ended the half inning.

Erik Ortiz was the starting pitcher for the Flamingos and got off to a good start, striking out the first two batters with seven pitches. The third batter for the Eagles had a nice hit to right field which was scored as a triple. The younger Felix O., in right field, couldn’t knock it down and the throw back to the older Felix O., playing second base, was not in time to stop the runner at third. So despite a very strong relay throw to home, the run scored on an error. Felix Otten caught a strongly hit ball to end the inning with the Flamingos leading 3 to 1.

The first baseman for the Flamingos, Noah Skibo, started off the second inning with a walk. A strike out followed. Noah then advanced to third on wild pitches as Felix Ortiz worked out a walk to get on base. Cedric had an RBI single which scored Noah. John Luis grounded out to move the baserunner to third base. Then with Erik at bat, the younger and not quite yet fast enough Felix headed home on a passed ball and was caught in a pickle. However, an error by the third baseman allowed Felix to score. Erik grounded out to end the half inning. The Eagles failed to score in the bottom of the second. The first batter was out on a well fielded ball by Felix Otten with Noah securing the out at first. Erik struck out two more batters and allowed only one runner on base.

In the top of the third, Jason led off with a ground out to first base. Felix Otten then hit a strong line drive to right field but was thrown out at third on an excellent relay throw. Liam Horn, who started at shortstop, was nearly thrown out at first base but the ball sailed past the first baseman into right field and the race was on. Liam crossed home plate just as the ball was arriving back into the infield. Noah drew a walk and a strike out ended the half inning.

John Luis, the starting catcher, was next up on the mound for the Flamingos and faced the ninth batter to start the bottom of the third. Jason relieved John Luis behind the plate. On the first pitch, the batter grounded out to Erik, now at shortstop. John Luis then struck out the leadoff batter with three pitches. The next batter was credited with a single but was left on base as the following batter hit a pop fly back to John Luis to end the inning.

The Flamingos failed to score in the fourth inning as only John Luis got on base with a single. But the Flamingos defense kept the Eagles in check. Felix Otten made another fine catch to get the first batter out. The second batter hit a grounder to Erik. The throw was a little low and despite an excellent attempt to dig the ball out of the dirt by Noah the runner was safe at first. The batter was credited with a base hit instead of an error for Erik. The runner advanced to third base on a couple wild pitches but John Luis still managed to work out a full count strikeout. Now with two outs, the runner at third tried to score on a passed ball but was thrown out by Jason as John Luis was there to cover home.

With time left on the clock to start a fifth inning, the Eagles were trailing 6 to 1. A quick three up three down inning would allow the Eagles a chance to tie the game. But the Flamingos responded with a five run inning. Jason had a single. Felix Otten had a single. The next two batters were struck out. Then Colin Keegan worked out a walk to load the bases. With Felix Ortiz at bat, Jason stole home. Felix Ortiz then worked out a walk to load the bases again. Cedric hit a two-RBI double that scored Felix Otten and Colin. John Luis followed up with another two-RBI double which scored Felix Ortiz and Cedric to end the inning with the five run rule. Normally the home team gets to bat last in baseball when trailing. But a combination of the time limit rule and the five run rule ended the game with the Flamingos up 11 to 1.

Zur Info: Auf der BSVBB-Website gibt es die Statistik für die Schülerliga. Es gibt Statistiken für die Mannschaften und für die einzelne Spieler. Es gibt auch ein Leaderboard.


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