Flamingos Schüler vs. Wizards

The Flamingos started the season with a 5 to 14 loss against the Wizards. The Wizards came into the game having won their first two games. Erik Ortiz took the mound and held the Wizards to two runs with two strike outs and a 1-3 putout. The Flamingos started the bottom of the first inning with a single by John Luis Márquez Ramirez and a walk by Cedric Clicqué but they were left stranded at second and third base as the next three batters struck out. The Flamingos’ defense started well in the second inning. Two of the first three batters were retired on strike outs. And they nearly got out of the inning with a shutout when, on a full count, Erik’s pitch was just off the corner of the plate for a walk. After another walk the Wizards tripled and then finished the inning with five runs.

The Flamingos were short handed and started two rookie players – Joel Bloch and Felix Ortiz. This, as can be expected, resulted in a three-up-three-down second inning.

John Luis was at the mound next for the Flamingos and gave up a leadoff single and then a walk before recovering with two straight strike outs. But a couple defensive errors, a few walks, and a base hit led to another 5 run inning for the Wizards. The Flamingos were back at the top of the lineup in the bottom of the third inning. John Luis drew a walk and advanced to third on Cedric’s base hit. Erik and John Luis pulled off something close to a suicide squeeze play as Erik laid down a bunt and John Luis was headed for home on contact. Cedric and Erik later scored as the walks started adding up for the Wizards. A strike out ended the inning with bases loaded.

The Wizards were held to two runs in the fourth as John Luis recorded two strike outs and Liam Horn had an unassisted put out at first base. John Luis and Cedric both scored again. The game ended as Jason Hosnedl, the starting catcher, was tagged out sliding into home plate.

Felix Otten started at first base and John Herbst started in right field. Celina Hadjuk, another rookie and the only reserve on the bench, also played right field.

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