Flamingos Schüler vs Dragons Challengers

The Flamingos Schüler got their first win of the season against the SG Dragons Challengers on Saturday. John Luis Márquez Ramirez was the starting pitcher and shut out the Dragons Challengers in the first inning in excellent fashion by striking out the first three batters. He also started the offense off with a walk and a steal to get himself into scoring position. Cedric Clicqué then promptly drove in the first run with a double. Erik Ortiz and Liam Horn also scored in the inning and Joel Bloch was left on base.

The second inning started out a little more difficult for John Luis as he walked the first two batters who later scored on wild pitches. Starting catcher Erik Ortiz very nearly threw out both of the runners as John Luis was in position to cover home. That was the last of the runs for the Dragons Challengers however, as John Luis recovered with three straight strike outs. Felix Ortiz, the center fielder and batting ninth in the lineup, started out the second inning for the Flamingos with a ground out to second base. And that put the Flamingos at the top of the lineup and poised to make a rally. John Luis started it off with a  double and then Cedric a had a single. Jason Hosnedl, who started at second base, drew out a walk. Erik kept the rally going with a double that earned him two RBIs. Felix Otten followed up with a single and later scored the fifth run of the inning on a wild pitch.

Next up on the mound for the Flamingos was Felix Otten. Jason relieved Erik at catcher and the duo managed to keep the pressure on the young Dragons Challengers team with three straight strike outs. In the bottom of the third inning John Herbst earned a single but was later thrown out trying to steal home on a wild pitch to end the inning.

Felix Otten started the fourth inning with yet another strike out. Liam Horn, playing first base, then recorded an unassisted putout for the second out. Felix walked the next two batters on full counts and hit a batter to load the bases. The Flamingos remained calm though and the next batter grounded out to Erik at second base to end the game.

Celina Hadjuk relieved Joel in left field in the third inning.

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